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Energy readings aid you in personal growth.  They encompass all of your lives past, present and future, in an effort to help you find your way and discover your direction in life. 


Are you feeling unsure?  Have that nagging feeling that you are ready for a change but cannot figure out what it is?  Maybe you just have some questions you would like answered or need a hand in making a major decision.  We will connect with your higher self to find out the highest and best messages to help you take the next steps.

In this reading you will be sitting in a conversational setting.

Couples and Virtual Readings are available.


Together we can identify energies within your body, explain to you why they are there and shift them for your highest and best outcome to aid you in your alternative health plan.


Reading and clearing chakras, physical ailments and connections, cutting cords and general energy balancing may be included in a session. 

In this setting you will be laying on a massage table, clothed, with a blanket.


Mediumship Readings are a sacred time to sit in the energy of love and healing as you hear from family, friends, and spirit guides, who have passed to the other side of life. Wouldn’t it be nice to know that your loved ones continue to exist just in a different dimension? They are still with you, recognizing what is happening in your life, bringing guidance & support. Often assisting in closure and healing for both parties.


A sitting will bring evidence of a loved one’s continued existence through describing them as they appear or feel to the medium and presenting shared memories. Then bring forth their messages for you.

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Rose Blaich



Rose struggled with health issues for 8 years through her 30's.  In these struggles she found strength in self growth, exploration and spiritual health.  She was first trained in Reiki and continued training in Theta Healing and belief work. Through mentorship and self discovery she has grown her abilities to include Psychic Readings and her own version of Energy Work.  She continues to practice and work on honing these abilities to include Mediumship.  Rose stives to guide and mentor others to find their innate and personal abilities and empower them to continue on the life long journey of self growth and healing. 

Rose has been practicing for over 5 years.  By connecting with your higher self, Rose is able to relay messages for you that are best suited for you at this time.   She can read stuck energies within your body, explain to you why they are there and shift them for your highest and best outcome.   Rose is able to cut cords, read chakras, relay messages and provide messages from spirit, if they are presented.  She trusts that what comes through is exactly what you need to hear.

Rose and her husband Dave co-founded Wellington Natural Health in August 2020.  They wanted to create a safe space for all to find support Mind, Body and Spirit.

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Anne Larson

Anne is a Spiritualist Medium, Minister, Healer, Teacher. She founded Lighthouse Spiritualist Centre which operated from 1999—2023. She has been involved in mediumship and the Spiritualist movement since the mid 1980’s. Her journey dates back to childhood having experiences of seeing spirit and precognition. As an adult Anne began her search for an understanding of these experiences. She started with a Parapsychology course and from there was directed to the Vancouver Psychic Society followed by transition to the local Spiritualist Centres.

She has trained in Canada, England, & Scotland. She has sat on the Board of Directors for three Spiritualist Churches locally, two of them as President, and recently retired as Senior Minister of Lighthouse Spiritual Centre. She has brought to Canada many internationally renowned mediums.


Anne has over thirty years of experience teaching Mediumship, Soul Psychic development, doing House clearings, trance work, physical phenomena, private readings, lead workshops & retreats and lectured on various topics related to spirit, all forms of mediumship and the study of Spiritualism. This knowledge has taken her to several cities in Canada, England and Scotland.

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