Are you feeling unsure?  Have that nagging feeling that you are ready for a change but cannot figure out what it is?  Maybe you just have some questions you would like answered or need a hand in making a major decision.  We will connect with your spirit guides and higher self to find out the highest and best messages to help you take the next steps.

Energy readings do not provide you insight into when you will meet your perfect mate, or if you will ever win the lottery.  They aid you in personal growth.  They encompass all of your lives – past, present and future – in an effort to help you find your way and discover your direction in life.

Couples and Group and Virtual Readings are available.


Your beliefs and experiences in life can impact your emotional, mental, and physical wellbeing.  The programs that we were taught as children, or have carried forward through our ancestors, can have just as much effect.  We carry all of these within ourselves as a method to remain safe and guarded. There is always concern about what we are putting into our bodies or how we exercise them.  But what about how we speak to ourselves, how we make our decisions, or what we are afraid of that holds us back from achieving our dreams?

Together we can identify energy blocks, limiting beliefs, old resentment, trauma and much more to aid you in your alternative health plan.  Once the blockages and imbalances have been identified we are able to shift, change, and recreate new beliefs and programs to better suit your goals and personal growth.


Rose Blaich



Rose is a Psychic Channel, she has been practicing in Energy Work for 4 years.  Energy work can help to guide you in the direction of your life's purpose.  By finding balance in your energetic self, you can direct your decisions to live your best life.  By connecting with your team of guides, Rose is able to relay messages for you that are best suited for  the time of life you are experiencing.   She can read stuck energies within your body, explain to you why they are there and shift them for your highest and best outcome.   Rose is able to cut cords, balance chakras and relay past lives if they are presented for your highest and best.