In this Yin Yoga class, poses are held for 3-5 minutes, targeting the deeper connective tissues and the fascia, while softening the muscles. This practice is particularly beneficial for nourishing the ligaments, joints and bones. This is a slower, more passive style of yoga, yet is challenging in its own way. A perfect compliment to your more active yoga practices.


Hatha yoga is a gentle practice of balancing the body and mind.  Balancing inner and outer awareness, while balancing strength with flexibility. The foundations of this practice (mindfulness, breathing, physical movement, and meditation) weave together for a holistic experience of yoga, also known as union. All levels welcome.


This gentle 45 min Hatha Yoga class is a wonderful way to break up the day, recharging the body and focusing the mind. Perfect for beginning students who want to learn the fundamental poses in yoga while learning safe alignment, as well as seasoned students who want to slow their pace and hold postures for longer periods of time, engaging and energizing the muscles while in each pose.


Classes begin with centering the mind and nourishing the body, to prepare for practice. Together we will move through a series of flowing forms, synchronized with breath to create strength, flexibility and space in the body, mind and being. As the practice winds down we will have a brief breathing practice, followed by a resting form to support you in a meditative relaxation practice. Care will be made to support individual needs. All levels welcome


In this class we use the yoga swing, which most closely resembles a hammock, to provide support in the therapeutic applications of yoga. For students that have a casual yoga practice the swing can be a valuable tool in enjoying the benefits yoga forms that may be accessible to them. For seasoned students or teachers the swing is helpful in illuminating the parts of our practice that could benefit from extra attention.


For all students swing yoga helps fine tune alignment and build core strength/stability.  One aspect specific to this is the therapeutic benefits of  inverting the body. 


Inversion therapy:

-improves circulation and detoxifies the body

-decompresses joints and spine

-nourishes the nervous system

-is fun!!!


Combined, swing yoga provides huge benefits to spinal health, which directly effects mental health, leaving you revitalized and resilient.


With this all levels Pilates class you will be challenged physically and mentally. We will work on improving flexibility while also increasing muscle strength and tone. Working our way through your “core” muscle groups such as abdominal, lower back, hips and buttock muscles. Emphasizing on proper postural alignment, core strength and muscle balance. You will leave this class feeling refreshed! 


classes will be a balance of both active dynamic movement to energize and strengthen the body and to sync breath and movement harmonized with longer held, passive poses to exercise deeper connective tissues for flexibility and mobility, as well as, relaxing and calming the nervous system. 


Through compassionate self-inquiry students will develop and explore the tools of yoga that nurture post traumatic growth and/or self regulation, which is formed and nourished by their individual needs. Candice’s intention is creating a safe space for individuals who are seeking support for their mental health.


Students will be supported by breath, mindfulness, and gentle movement, with the focus on experiencing safety in their bodies, soothing the nervous system, and cultivating mental clarity. 


Over 6 weeks we will gently move through a body-based practice, together. It is open to all levels, including beginners. The focus will be on:


  • Safe movement of the body, to promote strength and resiliency of body and mind.


  • Cultivating internal awareness of the body and mind.


  • Developing empowerment and agency through choice making.


A synthesis of intention setting, breath work, guided meditation and self reflection sequenced to align and balance your body, mind and spirit.  


This one-hour gentle class is designed for seniors and those who no longer weight bear on their knees. The class is conducted seated on a chair with some optional standing poses included. The class begins with calming breathwork and centering then moves on to a gentle range of motion starting with the head and shoulders and moving on down through the body to the feet. Students are encouraged to stay within their range of movement and not to push towards any pain in the body. The focus is on maintaining strength and balance as well as gentle stretches.  The class concludes with progressive relaxation and savasana. 


This one-hour class is conducted on a yoga mat on the floor. It begins with a calming breath, centering, and letting go of stress.  We move through gentle stretches after warming the body and do standing poses for strength and balance. Beginners are welcome and are encouraged to stay within their comfort zone. A careful focus on alignment is maintained throughout the class. It concludes with progressive relaxation and savasana lying on the mat. 

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