This series begins Thursday, November 1st and runs for 3 Thursday evenings from 6-7 pm or 7:30 - 8:30 pm 

(no class on November 12th)

Experience the benefits of a dynamic yoga practice where movement and breath are skillfully combined through creative sequencing in order to embody a sense of flow. This practice includes traditional alignment-based cues, progressive stages, and modifications for asana, as well as meditation, pranayama, and yogic philosophy. Please bring your own yoga mat, along with any props that support your practice.

Who is this for: Minimum 1 year of previous yoga experience is advised. This class may not be suitable for those with significant injury or illness. Please contact Alex if you are unsure.

TRAUMA INFORMED YOGA 6 week series - October 7 to November 11


Through compassionate self-inquiry students will develop and explore the tools of yoga that nurture post traumatic growth and/or self regulation, which is formed and nourished by their individual needs. Candice’s intention is creating a safe space for individuals who are seeking support for their mental health.


Students will be supported by breath, mindfulness, and gentle movement, with the focus on experiencing safety in their bodies, soothing the nervous system, and cultivating mental clarity. 


Over 6 weeks we will gently move through a body-based practice, together. It is open to all levels, including beginners. The focus will be on:


  • Safe movement of the body, to promote strength and resiliency of body and mind.


  • Cultivating internal awareness of the body and mind.


  • Developing empowerment and agency through choice making.


A synthesis of intention setting, breath work, guided meditation and self reflection sequenced to align and balance your body, mind and spirit.  


This 4-week one-hour gentle class is designed for seniors and those who no longer weight bear on their knees. The class is conducted seated on a chair with some optional standing poses included. The class begins with calming breathwork and centering then moves on to a gentle range of motion starting with the head and shoulders and moving on down through the body to the feet. Students are encouraged to stay within their range of movement and not to push towards any pain in the body. The focus is on maintaining strength and balance as well as gentle stretches.  The class concludes with progressive relaxation and savasana. 


This 4 week one-hour class is conducted on a yoga mat on the floor. It begins with a calming breath, centering, and letting go of stress.  We move through gentle stretches after warming the body and do standing poses for strength and balance. Beginners are welcome and are encouraged to stay within their comfort zone. A careful focus on alignment is maintained throughout the class. It concludes with progressive relaxation and savasana lying on the mat. 

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