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Reiki is a gentle, ancient Japanese healing practice that can encourage the body to come into a state of energetic balance which can promote healing and vitality. Universal life force energy or “Ki” is channeled by the practitioner and then through a series of hand positions held on or hovering over the body this energy is transferred to the client. Reiki has been known to reduce stress, improve sleep, energize the body, and bring it to a harmonious state that allows for optimal functioning mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Gentle music will be played during the session and linens will be provided to keep you comfortable and relaxed. 

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Tania Pierpaoli

Usui Holy fire III Reiki Master & Teacher



Tania was born and raised in Montreal, QC. She recently moved her family across the country to be closer to nature and live a better quality of life.  From a young age, Tania has been devoted to helping others. When her aunt fell and broke her knee, 6 year old Tania was dedicated to using her 'healing hands to help make it better'.


Before discovering Reiki,  she studied Human Resources Management and worked in the corporate world for 15 years helping business owners, training managers , planning events and leading culture change programs. Her passion for people and connection inspired her own self exploration and wellness journey .  During a very stressful time at work, her colleague suggested that she try a Reiki session. Reiki not only helped her to deal with stress; but helped her to find peace, joy, and alignment all while processing deep rooted trauma. Ever since, she has been committed to learning and practicing Reiki. 


Tania is honoured and excited to be part of your journey. Her goal is to help you slow down, tune in and reconnect with yourself - so that you can feel and be your very best !

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