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VINYASA YOGA SEQUENCING TRAINING - February 27th & 28th 2021

10:00am - 6:00pm both days


This training is open to all yoga teachers, as well as curious students.

Do you use a specific method to sequence your yoga classes? Do you know why you've chosen each pose?

Class sequencing is a skill that we refine over time as yoga teachers. Intelligently sequenced yoga classes create balance and structure for your students, and help you and your students feel empowered.


This 20 hour Vinyasa Yoga Sequencing Training includes:
- An introduction to "Wave Theory" (inspired by Shiva Rea and my teacher, Clara Roberts-Oss)
- How to structure 60 minute and 90 minute Vinyasa yoga classes
- How to sequence around a peak pose
- How to intelligently integrate a theme or mood into your vinyasa yoga classes
- A review of Vinyasa Krama (stages/ progressions) for intermediate and advanced asana
- How to support the nervous system in the lunar portion of a vinyasa yoga practice


Both days begin with a long yoga practice, followed by discussion. Afternoons include lecture, group work, teaching practice, discussion, and the opportunity to receive feedback. This training includes 4 hours of homework that must be submitted in order to receive certificate of completion.


This course is eligible for 20 CE hours through Yoga Alliance for all RYTs who complete the training. This training is comprised of 16 contact hours and 4 non-contact hours. Participants must be present for the entire training in order to receive certificate of completion. This course falls under the category of "Teaching Methodology".

Please bring your own lunch and snacks. Kitchen is available during training, as well as filtered water and hot coffee and tea.

Training manual is included in tuition cost.

Suggested texts:

"Yoga Resource Practice Manual" Darren Rhodes
"Light on Yoga" B.K.S. Iyengar

Training is limited to 6 participants.


With Jessica Bergunder, RHN

10:30-11:30 (with discussion time after)


What we eat and don’t eat can have a positive effect on many aspects of mental health, including depression, anxiety and stress. Learn how you can boost your brain health and your mood with everyday nutritious foods. In this one hour workshop on Nutrition and how it affects your mental health, learn how to address mental health conditions with proper diet and nutrition guidance.

Workshop learning objectives:
- Walk away understanding how common mental health issues are and how they can be addressed naturally.
- Establish a better understanding of the importance of a quality diet to mental health.
- Create an understanding on the importance of exercise and mental health.
- Learn about the gut microbiome and the connection it has to the brain.
- Discover ways you can help balance your microbiome easily and natuarally.
- Supplements. What’s necessary and what’s not.
- Create tools to help you on your journey to a happier, healthier you.
- Leave with a couple of nourishing, yet easy recipes.

EARRING DESIGN with CARLA - March 20 2021


Join Carla Swope for her earring design class. Every level of experience welcome. This session is a great intro for beginners and has material suitable for student with jewelry design knowledge.

Carla has been teaching jewelry design for 18 years and is designing here in Chilliwack based out of her home. Her work can be found online and at some retail outlets throughout BC.


Please feel free to bring your own jewelry design tools if you have but all of this will be provided. It can be nice to learn with your own tools or to receive feedback whether they are suitable to doing this specific work.  The stones provided for the workshop are included. They are all one of a kind and great for a beginner.  If you have any specific stones you would like to wrap in the future and would like to discuss techniques feel free to bring them along.  Please bring eyeglasses and or magnifying devices! (If you wear them) This is fine detail work.  Extra lighting will be provided.

There will be a short break partway through the session if you need to use the facilities or have a quick snack. Please come prepared to wear a mask in session.



With Courtney Claggett, BKin


Information to come

PEMF AND BLOOD ANALYSIS and how it can help you - March 27, 2021

11:00 - 1:00


Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy can be used to decrease inflammation, boost your body’s natural healing process, and get you to start living your very best life.

Live/Dry Blood Analysis is revealing and informative.  A blood analysis can tell you more about your body and bloodstream, where nutrient deficiencies may lie, and most importantly what it needs to improve and prosper.

Join Georgette in this information session to learn more about the benefits of PEMF Therapy and Blood Analysis and how they can help you.


available to book on Saturdays and Sundays

Have you ever wanted to learn the ancient Japanese healing method of Reiki? In this one-day certificate class you will learn the history, hand positions and be attuned to the universal life force energy called “Ki” from Usui Reiki master, Tanja Tomlinson. You will learn to carry out a session for friends, family, yourself, and animals. Class size will be limited to two students to ensure Covid-19 precautions may be safely followed and to keep class size small to facilitate an intimate and personalized learning experience.

Individual classes and classes of 2 are available.


available to book on Saturdays and Sundays

Pre-requisite 1st Degree

Reiki in the second degree takes your practice to another level and working with the sacred symbols takes you further into your own unique Reiki journey. In this one-day certificate class you will be learning and working with symbols that enhance the use of Reiki energy. These symbols carry different elements that you will learn to apply to a Reiki session. You will also learn how to send Reiki via distance, which can be helpful to send to people and situations we can’t physically be with. You will also discover how to feel for and help bring balance to the Chakra system during a Reiki session. 

You will have the opportunity to connect with the symbols and practice all you learn by giving a complete Reiki session. You in turn will also receive one from your fellow student. There is one attunement during the day that helps connect you to the symbols and seal them into your Reiki experience taking your Reiki practice to a deeper level.  

Individual classes and classes of 2 are available.


available to book on Saturdays and Sundays

Pre-requisite 1st and 2nd Degree


Reiki in the third degree is advanced Reiki training and is regarded as the “Personal Master” level of Reiki. This level focuses on you as the individual and exploring your connection with oneness and universal energy. Reiki in the third degree has a strong possibility of turning the focus inward to your own healing, in turn helping empower you to help others with their individual journeys with Reiki, whether you decide to take the teacher training or not. Everyone we meet, everyone we touch through Reiki benefits and in this class, you will become aware of the profound impact Reiki can have on us those around us. Students often find this level of Reiki helps lead them to a place of deep inner peace and clarity.

Prior to this class there is an assignment to be completed. There is no right or wrong answers it just acts as a piece of information for you the student to reflect on all you have learned and for me the teacher to understand where you are with Reiki in your life.

This class will cover the following topics and is taught in two six hour days.

-Be attuned to the Master Symbol which unlocks the full potential of Reiki energy and has the possibility of deep healing for self and others.

-Learn meditative techniques to develop a clear channel to expand your consciousness and become one with the Master Symbol and universal energy. 

-More in-depth information will be covered regarding the Chakra System, how it becomes unbalanced and different ailments connected to these Chakra imbalances. Different techniques will be discussed on working with the Chakra system for ourselves and those that we give Reiki to.

-Learn different methods to create a sacred space for Reiki practice and sessions. You will participate in the process of how to set up the space for the day’s class to immerse yourself in the learning experience.

-As with all the other levels you will have the opportunity to give and receive a Reiki session, using the Master Symbol and all you have learned.

-Ongoing support following the class via email or phone to help support you in your Reiki journey.


Pre-requisite 1st, 2nd and 3rd Degree

This is a unique one on one mentoring program to develop your confidence to cultivate the art of teaching Reiki and learning how to guide others along their Reiki journeys. This will be completed in approximately 1 year but extra time is encouraged if necessary to ensure you are feeling ready to step into the role of a Reiki teacher.


Learning is done self-paced and self-development is required with your own relationship with Reiki. How this can be achieved is in multiple ways, we will work together to see what works for you based on your own beautiful individuality.


Monthly in person meetings will be conducted to check in with your progress, discuss any concerns and go over monthly assignments. Assignments will be individualized to your learning needs and together we will identify where these needs lie.  You will both watch and then participate in teaching a Degree one, two and three class. You will be given all the notes required to teach Reiki confidently and thoroughly.


My goal is to support you in your desire to teach Reiki and help you work towards being ready and confident to do so. Teaching the sacred art of Reiki is an honour and your unique path will draw those you are meant to teach to you. I want to help you uncover your stepping stones and find your way.

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