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"Your mind controls your reality."


Hypnotherapy is a therapeutic approach that utilizes hypnosis to induce a state of deep relaxation and heightened focus, allowing individuals to access their subconscious mind more readily. During hypnotherapy sessions, therapists guide you into this relaxed state and use suggestion and imagery to facilitate positive changes in your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.

While in a hypnotic trance, individuals are more receptive to suggestions aimed at addressing various issues, such as anxiety, phobias, smoking cessation, weight loss, and chronic pain. Hypnotherapy can also be used to explore past experiences or traumas stored in the subconscious mind, aiding in their resolution and healing.


Past Life Regression is a type of hypnotherapy which takes you back through time to your previous lives or incarnations by accessing memories and experiences that are normally hidden in your subconscious mind. Life today is so busy and so ‘noisy’ that these memories are usually concealed beneath the noise of everyday thoughts in our subconscious. A PLR session guides you out of the noise and into a deeply quiet and peaceful state where it’s far easier to locate the memories held in your subconscious mind.


Past Life Regression can help you to:

  • Reconnect with past life experiences.

  • Help you understand why you feel a deep connection with certain places.

  • Explore your past life and current Soulmate experiences.

  • Identify physical ailments you have, which may be remnants of past life experiences.

  • Explore unresolved emotions which have carried through into this lifetime, creating fears or beliefs which you have been unable to explain.

  • Acknowledge and embrace the key lessons learned through those lives.

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Amy Levesque


My name is Brent Stower, I love traveling, seeing the world and the outdoors. Writing and constantly learning ways I can add to my profession to help people. As someone that suffered from mental health issues, I couldn’t truly overcome them until I worked with them on a subconscious level. I got into hypnotherapy because 95% of our lives operate on an unconscious level. If we truly want change, we must do this subconsciously to get long-lasting results. Hypnotherapy directly breaks down limiting beliefs you have. Getting to the root problem of why you smoke, have low self-esteem, stress/anxiety, working through traumatic events, managing pain and much more. Hypnotherapy brings back the connection between the mind and body, a connection that should never be broken.

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Amy Levesque


Amy is a Clinical Hypnotherapist that guides her clients into a hypnotic state to alleviate stress, anxiety, childhood trauma and mental blockages that are preventing them from living life to its fullest.

Amy started her journey into hypnotherapy by guiding meditations at a yoga studio. She quickly began to realize the many benefits of regular meditation, breath work and their immense effect on mental health.

Amy is a naturally compassionate healer and yearned to gain more knowledge on how to deliver a more transformative meditation journey. She turned to hypnotherapy as an opportunity to grow her passion for relaxation and mental health.  

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