Holistic Nutrition is a natural, whole-food approach that uses symptom-based techniques for reviewing diet and lifestyle by assessing nutritional needs, dietary restrictions, and supporting current health plans.  Our goal is to educate you about the basic rules of nutrition and wholesome eating habits and empower you to apply this knowledge in your day today.  Together we will develop and implement an alternative health plan that will support your mind, body, and spirit.


Rose Blaich




Rose first found her passion for Nutrition and Wellness when she had her first daughter.  Rose was struggling to help her daughter with digestive issues, she was eventually diagnosed with Celiac disease.  Rose wanted to be able to help other parents to navigate through all the confusion.  To show them the easy way by teaching them what she had learned.  Rose graduated as a Registered Holistic Nutritionist in July 2017.  2 days after receiving her diploma, Rose was diagnosed with Stage 3 Breast Cancer.  During her healing journey, she continued to further her education through practice.  It was this experience that taught Rose what she needed to know to help others.  During this time she became a Reiki Master and a Theta healer.  Rose believes that you must heal yourself in order to help others to heal.  Currently Rose is studying immunology and herbalism to further expand her knowledge base.