Nestled in the heart of downtown Chilliwack, along the historic Wellington corridor,
Wellington Natural Health
will soon open its doors. 

With a range of natural health practitioners,  yoga, meditation classes & workshop experiences in our beautiful new studio known as The Gathering Space,

our goal is to inspire & lead you to wellness & empowered health.

We work with you to establish the foundation and maintenance of optimum health and balance by the belief that wellness is a “state of being” characterized by positive emotion, thought and action.

We treat the whole person through our 5 pillars of wellness; Nutrition, Exercise, Sleep, 
Mindfulness, Stress Reduction

 "the natural healing force within  each of us, is the greatest force in  getting well" - hippotcrates
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Our Principles of Natural Health

Nature has healing powers

The body has its own innate abilities to heal when balance is achieved.  That is the power of nature.

Identify and treat the cause

Behind every ailment is a cause.  Directly address the cause at the root of the ailment.

The Practitioner is a teacher

Educate and support the client in health management.  Empower the client to take responsibility in their own health.

Establish Health and Wellness

Prevention is the best cure.  Nutrition, exercise and wellness management are key to a preventative lifestyle.

Treat the whole person

All body systems are connected. Each play an integral part in the healing process and must be looked at in whole.

If you are a natural health practitioner, yoga teacher or would like to offer a workshop that is aligned within our principles of natural health, we would love to hear from you. We offer a balanced workspace that will allow you and your clients to thrive while promising support in an open & inclusive environment. With practitioners that are are committed to providing devoted care, we will elevate one another in our practices and our lives. 

To inquire about opportunities, please email us

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