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The lymphatic system is part of the immune system. It is a network of tissues, organs, vessels that work  together to move the fluid known as the lymph back into the bloodstream. The lymphatic system is responsible for maintaining the fluid balance in the body. Also, it plays a significant role in absorbing fats and fat-soluble nutrients within our digestive system. Lymphatic drainage encourages the natural movement of the lymph, which carries waste products away from the tissues back toward the heart.


Lymphatic Drainage can stimulate blood circulation and tissue regeneration, reduce swelling and water retention, help to releive Lymphedema Symptoms, can support the immune system with important elimination of toxins and promotes physical and mental relaxation.

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Dave Blaich


My name is Dave, and I am Co-Founder of Wellington Natural Health along with my wife Rose. While managing this wellness company, and having the pleasure of working with so many gifted practitioners, I noticed a gap in services for a very important body system. That is what sparked my interest in the Lymphatic system. I have been training and practicing in lymphatics since 2022 and clients have had excellent experiences and results. I love helping others and always have. When I am not at work I love being in the outdoors walking, hiking, riding and spending that time with my family.

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