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A Foot reflexology session uses relaxation techniques and acupressure which are applied to specific points on the feet which correspond with various organs and areas of the body. Reflexology Therapy is a natural way to help bring balance to the body and to help improve or maintain health and wellness. Some of the many benefits of reflexology can include profound relaxation, boosting the immune system, decreased anxiety, improved sleep and pain relief. Many chronic health conditions can benefit from adding reflexology as part of a health management plan.


Facial Reflexology, based on the theories of 'Dien Chan' uses a variety of massage techniques and tools to relieve tension throughout the head, neck and face alongside the stimulation of reflex points and areas. An individualized treatment plan based on your health assessment, puts the body's self-regulation processes to work. The proximity of the face to the brain is key to the effectiveness of this therapy. Activating facial reflex points helps connect to the body's neural pathways to help rebalance and revitalize your body & mind. 


There are over 300 points on the face, all with specific uses and functions. There are also a multitude of images that can be overlapped on the face, making this therapy distinct and unique. These treatments are deeply relaxing and carry excellent health benefits. Reduced inflammation, improved circulation, deep relaxation, boosts immunity, enhances sleep quality, regulates hormones, and even reduces wrinkles and stimulates facial rejuvenation.


Carmen Tether


Carmen is a Registered Reflexology Therapist with the Reflexology Association of Canada. She is certified in Foot Reflexology and has completed 2 of 3 modules towards her ‘Dien Chan’ Facial Reflexology certification. Carmen has a wealth of knowledge to offer her client’s having practiced as a Registered Nurse for 35 years, focusing on Community Mental Health and Advanced Foot Care. She has a true passion for the human condition and seeks to find what the elements are that create each individual’s body, mind and spirit, while helping them meet their spectrum of health needs. 


Carmen’s understanding of the importance of regulating the body, so it can heal and restore itself led her to the practice of Reflexology. Through acupressure of the reflex points, the body is able to activate it's parasympathetic nervous system and dive into deep rest and relaxation. Also known as the 'rest & digest’ state. This activation of the PSNS allows the breath and heart rate to slow, blood pressure to lower, and improves digestion. Reflexology Therapy is an incredible anxiety and stress reliever, body-regulation experience, and self care treatment. It is also a wonderful supportive therapy when healing from or being treated for other serious health conditions. 


Carmen has learned from balancing her nursing career, owning her own business and raising a family the importance of self care. With age and experience comes wisdom. Practicing an alternative natural therapy so she can continue to help others through their healing journey, Carmen sees as a blessing. She is a proud resident of Chilliwack and feels fortunate to be practicing Reflexology Therapy in the Fraser Valley. Carmen enjoys an active lifestyle with her husband, and you will often find them in the stands cheering on the local football teams or out socializing with friends in one of Chilliwack's great restaurants. 

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